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Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm


(907) 452-7979


(907) 452-7979

Weather Policy

FNCS will open as normal except in the following situations:

  • State Trooper “no-travel” order
  • North Star Borough schools are closed
  • The principal directs school closure

Below -40 students will be excused from classes if parents choose to keep them in.

In case of closure parents will be notified by phone if possible, otherwise listen to school voice-mail and check closure lists on radio and television.


Hours of Operation

School hours: 8am-2:30pm.

Office hours: 8am-3pm.

Get Involved

We recognize that our parents’ lives are very full, and appreciate the value of you sharing your skills with us.

If you see anything at FNCS you would like to help improve, or have a unique skill you would like to share with the students, please contact us.


“My 3 kids love their teachers. The staff and faculty at Far North love the students and love to teach and it truly shows through. My kids can’t wait to go back to school in the Fall.”

Jessica Bowen, Another Happy Parent