Traditional Curriculum

Our traditional curriculum classes are divided up in the following way:

PK & Kindergarten

  • Arithmetic – Numbers Skills – Abeka Book
  • Bible – New Testament Stories – Abeka Book
  • Language – Letters & Sounds – ABeka Book
  • Language – Manuscript ABC Writing Tablet – Abeka Book
  • Phonics & Numbers – ABC-123 – Abeka Book

 1st & 2nd Grade

  • Bible – Hidden in the Heart: Catechism for Children
  • Language – Letters & Sounds – Abeka Book
  • Language – Abeka Book
  • Math – Abeka Book
  • Penmanship – Abeka Book

 3rd Grade

  • Bible – Betty Lukens: Through the Bible
  • English – Easy Grammar Workbook 56
  • Health – Abeka: Enjoying Good Health
  • History – BJU: Heritage Sudies 4
  • Math – Saxon: Math 54 / Abeka Book: Arithmetic 3
  • Penmanship – Abeka: Cursive Writing Skillbook 3
  • Reading – BJU: Pages in My Head 5
  • Science – Abeka: Investigating God’s World
  • Spelling – Purposeful Design

 Junior High

  • English – BJU: Writing and Grammar 7
  • History – The American Republic; Alaska State History
  • Literature – BJU: American Literature
  • Math – Fundamentals of Math; Pre-Algebra
  • Science – BJU: Space & Earth Science

High School

  • History – Alaska State History
  • Literature – BJU: American Literature
  • Math – Pre-Calculus
  • Science – Chemistry
  • World History – BJU: World History

Robinson Curriculum

At its core, the Robinson Curriculum is a self paced home school curriculum which is nearly entirely self taught.

Using this curriculum, we give parents the opportunity to set goals for and with their student if they desire. The students are required to make personal quarterly goals with the input of the Robinson administrator.

The classroom is supervised throughout the day by a Robinson administrator to ensure students are working on their math, writing, and reading.

We currently use the Robinson Curriculum philosophy of teaching with 40% of our students. The curriculum is made up of Saxon math, a writing course by Fred Lybrand, and a variety of the best literature of the past 500 years.

The Robinson Curriculum can be implemented as early as third grade because of the heavy use of reading and comprehension.

Interested? Read up on its revolutionary nature, its superb results, or where to place your child in the curriculum.

“My 3 kids love their teachers. The staff and faculty at Far North love the students and love to teach and it truly shows through. My kids can’t wait to go back to school in the Fall.”

Jessica Bowen, Another Happy Parent